In our previous blog, ‘Commercial Landlords and Electrical Safety Responsibilities’, we looked at the EICR test and what can be done to ensure your building is not only safe, but legal and an attractive prospect for tenants. This time we’re looking at four key things you can do or get familiar with, to ensure those standards stay high and your tenants stay safe and happy.

  1. Comply with EICR and get a professional to inspect your electrical systems

Of course we’d put this tip at the top of the list! There is no law on how often to get an inspection, but we recommend it is done at least every five years, or more frequently if you have older wiring. It should be a matter of judgement and a schedule can be agreed with your commercial electrician.

  1. Agree a regular maintenance schedule

Electrical hazards can often be spotted before the risk of danger is elevated, so this is a very important step to ensure your inspections are done regularly. Moreover, regular maintenance also allows the proper time for any remedial work to be done, to protect your tenants’ health and safety, and demonstrates your commitment to their wellbeing.

  1. Exercise good housekeeping protocol

Electrical safety is everybody’s responsibility when in the workplace. Staff need to be trained in good housekeeping practise to prevent human error being a risk factor, and you could also display electrical safety posters in prominent places. Trailing wires, liquids near outlets and electrical equipment, and overloading sockets are the basics, get more help from the HSE.

  1. Asses your electrical needs

If you are renovating a space or converting it to commercial use, it’s likely that your tenant’s electrical requirements won’t be met by the building. It might be wise to consider rewiring at this point. A good commercial property refurbishment company will be experienced in laying out spaces for commercial use and designing the electrical install to suit. Our advice is to ask before you engage in a contract!

As principal contractors, the Refurb Team are well-versed in the design and installation of electrical systems and components, both internally and externally, for a range of commercial spaces.

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