One of our favourite areas to work in is the refurbishment of warehouses and mezzanine offices.

With the recent upsurge in demand of commercial spaces, particularly in Witney, Bicester and other towns along the M4 corridor, we’ve found our expertise is also in demand.

Steel girders inside a warehouse, refurbished by Refurb

We are proud of our relationships with commercial property agents in the neighbouring counties to Oxfordshire, so we wanted to give you an overview of how we support the services offered by those agencies.

How Refurb supports commercial property agents

We understand that you want to offer the best commercial spaces to your customers; spaces that meet the needs of a diverse staff, with a range of accessibility, work-life balance and mental health requirements. We know this because we have a team of people that have their own needs too, and we meet business owners all the time who express their gratitude for the warm, welcoming and adaptable spaces we provide for them.

Typically, we are approached in the first instance by the letting agent who has acquired a warehouse or unit that they see potential in. We begin with a discovery call, to determine the brief, timescale and budget.

Once the parameters have been set, we get to work stripping out and taking stock of what we’re dealing with.

Acting as principal contractors, we source local, trusted trades to join us in the early waste disposal and later finishing stages, often returning to companies we have used time and again who have proven skills and match our work ethics.

Our sister company, Refurb Electrical gets involved at the briefing stage, to determine how the space will be used and what features will suit the property.

The first phase of constructing a mezzanine office, in a warehouse

Detail focused with the big picture always in mind

We are a group of exceptional people, who are detail focused from the initial planning stages of a project, able to see the big picture and make suggestions in the design for both function and aesthetics of commercial spaces. It can be difficult to design and create a space without knowing who will eventually move into it, so we devise spaces that can be occupied by anybody, ready to be personalised.

However, if you do have a tenant in mind, we are also very happy to modify the space to suit specialised equipment or displays to suit.

Your commercial property portfolio needs to attract the best quality tenants, and to do that you need the best quality building contractor to get the space ready.

To work with us, as principal contractors or as your commercial refurb team, please contact the office on 01993 685998, or email In the meantime, please view our property refurbishment portfolio to learn more about our recent projects.