One of the things that Refurb is particularly proud of is our full compliment of skills. From renovating a kitchen, to refurbishing expansive educational facilities, we cover the project from principal contractor to painter’s mate. So why do we use subcontractors on our jobs and not just stick to the Refurb team?

What makes us different?

We could tell you what we do, and how we’re different from the other firms, but let’s talk about what we don’t do… We are not master craftsmen, we are not heating specialists or dedicated joiners.

When it comes to fitting kitchens for example, we fit kitchens, we don’t make kitchens and we don’t customise them on site. We solve problems with our clever innovative designs whether that’s helping you plan out your driveway lights, or how to fit a mezzanine floor into your newly acquired warehouse, but we don’t fit intricate plumbing.

The difference is, we see the solution, our subcontractors make it happen.


Construction is a skill that is readily available in every area of the country. Every industrial estate houses a builder’s merchant, timber yard, plumbing warehouse – you get the picture.

We support the local communities we work in and look to hire skilled trades to fortify our team on site.

Large projects

Some of our projects, especially the commercial renovations can be pretty big and so we plan our squad as part of the proposal process. We anticipate the changing parameters of the job as it moves into the various stages and occasionally, we take on local subcontractors to make deadlines work for our clients.

This is how we deliver exceptional service and continue to improve client’s expectations of the construction industry.

Refurb works across Oxfordshire, and the surrounding counties, and we’d like to hear from your property manager if what you’re looking for is a property renovations company that understands your challenges, concerns and desires.

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