In June 2020, the Government announced a major school refurbishment initiative to improve some of the UK’s worst condition school buildings. They said,

“There are over 22,000 schools and sixth form colleges in England with a wide variety of buildings (c.64,000 blocks) of different ages, sizes and construction types across the estate. To determine which schools have the greatest need for rebuilding or significant refurbishment, there are choices about the data and evidence used to understand rebuilding need, as well as the process for collecting and assessing this information. School Rebuilding Programme consultation

The consultation period for the School Rebuilding Programme closed on 8 October 2021 meaning no more requests from schools to be assessed for need would be accepted.

In February this year, the first 50 schools taking part in the programme were announced, followed by 50 more announced in July. And in September the first project broke ground in Coventry.

Builder talking to Coventry pupils outside their school

Now the consultation period has closed, the Government are looking at ‘future prioritisation rounds’.

What can I do if I missed the consultation?

Unfortunately, there is no appeal or grace period where you can submit your evidence for need. The Government suggests that if your school has an urgent need and is in a severe condition, you should contact the Department for Education for advice.

In the meantime, you can out your capital funding to use to make smaller improvements to your own prioritised areas.

Refurb works closely with schools to improve buildings and facilities

We have been privileged to work with some outstanding outdoor education providers and schools, making improvements in hygiene blocks, sleeping accommodation, and improving libraries and resource centres.

One of our major improvement projects centred around the demolition and safe removal of a notifiable asbestos building and the construction of a modern new reception block.

To do this we coordinated with the school to ensure the Health and Safety obligations were met, and the woodland surrounding the site was protected from our presence. We worked with the school’s chosen architect and brought in all our sister companies and trusted local trades to deliver the project. Take a look at our portfolio page for more details.

For a refurbishment team that works with a collaborative approach, and gets the best out of the teams, get in touch with our office on 01993 685998, or meet us all on the About page.