This won’t come as a surprise to you, but where the directors who act as principal contractors for Refurb on multi-trade refurbishment projects can find it a demanding role, so can coordinating the directors themselves…

This is a day in the life of Lydia and Natalie, the office coordination team behind the directors, and behind the scenes.

An early start

Teddy, the working cocker spaniel accompanies Lydia to work and they are the first to arrive at the office. Lydia Rayner is Refurb’s Operations Manager so she’s there to open up, confirm logistics are still in place for the day and most importantly, put the kettle on.

Natalie Boyd arrives shortly after the school run to set up the Refurb Electrical operations for the day. She is married to Matthew Boyd, Refurb Property Renovation Director, and so enjoys a degree of separation between managing him at home and managing him at work!

Early morning is often the point at which the ladies find messages from Matthew detailing a new business development idea, suggestions for the website, business connections to make, or making any number of his usual demands. For example, Re-Swing is a personal project of Matthew’s where he has designed and constructed an indoor golf centre, including the installation of a simulated golf course. But more about that later…

Every day is different

From one day to the next office activity changes, depending on the calls that come in from current projects, or prospective customers (or Matthew, and Brendan, Director of Refurb Electrical).

Some days are focused on building relationships with suppliers across the UK, to source and deliver solutions and materials for specific challenges, such as niche trades. Others are spent focusing on accounts payable and maintaining relationships with other operations managers.

The fleet of vehicles also requires regular attention, especially in the winter months, to keep them in top condition and ensure the livery is bright and visible to all! There are currently five vans on the road, and they all need to be in perfect condition, stocked with the right materials for the boys and ready to go.

Whilst each day brings new challenges, demands and whims from site and requirements from clients, there is always a running theme of customer experience management.

Lydia and Natalie take care of every call, email and visit to the office. They coordinate the diaries and direct the week’s activities according to the needs of the clients, often sourcing quotes for outsourced services to include in fully comprehensive quotations.

First in, and last to leave, Lydia and Natalie may be powered by tea, but they power the machine that is Refurb.